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Fuelling agriculture

We recognise your devotion to cultivating crops and nurturing livestock and time for other tasks is limited. At Flaherty Fuel, we lessen your burden by dealing efficiently with your fuel oil needs.

Flaherty Fuel provide an extensive range of the highest quality fuels to cater for the agricultural sector including ‘Wintergrade’ agricultural diesel, lubricants for running your farm enterprise, and heating oil for your farmhouse.

Supplying your farm

For oil to heat your buildings, or run your farm, transport fleet, or production processes we have dedicated staff to look after your specific needs. We deliver to all farmyards from our network of strategically located depots.

As your local oil distributor, we supply oil requirements 6 days a week and guarantee the same day delivery or arrange a delivery schedule that suits you. Thousands of farmers know they can rely on us for a regular, dependable fuel supply.